Emacs has the Quality Without a Name.

Steve Yegge writes, many years ago:

All of the greatest engineers in the world use Emacs. The world-changer types. Not the great gal in the cube next to you. Not Fred, the amazing guy down the hall. I’m talking about the greatest software developers of our profession, the ones who changed the face of the industry. The James Goslings, the Donald Knuths, the Paul Grahams2, the Jamie Zawinskis, the Eric Bensons. Real engineers use Emacs. You have to be way smart to use it well, and it makes you incredibly powerful if you can master it. Go look over Paul Nordstrom’s shoulder while he works sometime, if you don’t believe me. It’s a real eye-opener for someone who’s used Visual Blub .NET-like IDEs their whole career.


Emacs is the 100-year editor.


I’m typing in Emacs right now. I’d never voluntarily type anywhere else. It’s more than just a productivity boost from having great typing shortcuts and text-editing features found nowhere else on the planet. I type 130 to 140 WPM, error-free, in Emacs, when I’m doing free-form text. I’ve timed it, with a typing-test Emacs application I wrote. But it’s more than that.


Emacs has the Quality Without a Name.

Random stuff for May 5th, 2014

I haven’t written anything for this blog since I launched it a year ago. Tonight I kind of dared myself to get started on wainstead.me, the other vanity domain name I registered.

I just changed the DNS server settings for wainstead.me (I’m writing on wainstead.info currently) but I don’t think the changes have propagated yet. Or, possibly, I didn’t edit things right. No big deal.

I’ve been living in Key West for exactly seven months as of today. It hasn’t been anything like the last time I lived here (2010) which was nothing like the previous time I lived here (2001). And by that I mean the qualitative experience has been different. In 2001 it was party time; in 2010 it was a working vacation; and now I’m a permanent resident. I’m registered to vote and have a Monroe County license plate.

And I’m a DJ on Pirate Radio, WKYZ-FM, 101.7 and 96.7. I run the board Friday mornings for the morning show with Jack and Becca, and my regular shift is noon to five Sundays.

And of course my day job, the awesome SocialServe.com.